• Alexander's Goodies, Helpful scripts & configs,
  • Antorcha, LED-based signal device (for viewing from up to ~50 m)
  • Blinkenlights, Demonstrate the use of the uSD slot for DIY hardware
  • Ben Counterweight, Design of a counterweight to keep the Ben from falling over.
  • Ben NanoNote, 10cm by 8cm nano-sized computer with full QWERTY keyboard, first generation (Ben)
  • Ben NanoNote 3D scans, Scans of the various case and circuit parts of the Ben NanoNote.
  • IEEE 802.15.4 subsystem, IEEE 802.15.4 Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN)
  • Hardware Design: AVT2, NanoNote board around Jz4720
  • CAE Tools, Small tools to assist Computer-Aided Engineering
  • EDA Tools, Small tools to assist Electronic Design Automation
  • C8051F32x firmware infrastructure, Firmware modules for Silicon Labs C8051F32x USB microcontrollers
  • fped, Footprint editor
  • gmenu2x, temporary repository for gmenu2x port to Owrt on Ben NanoNote
  • imgv, Very simple image viewer for the Ben
  • iris, Capability microkernel based OS for JzSoc devices.
  • KiCad Libraries, Component and module collection for KiCad
  • Milkymist One, interactive VJ station
  • man-tiny, A very simple man page viewer that supports MANPATH
  • Nanobits, Series of scripts to scratch various NanoNote Itches.
  • NanoMap, view maps made of small bitmaps, like openstreetmap.org
  • Hardware Design: SIE, NanoNote derived board with Jz4725 and FPGA for hardware hackers
  • OpenWrt packages, This repository is meant to contain OpenWrt-packages (ports of Software to OpenWrt) which are not (yet) ready to get upstream
  • OpenWrt XBurst, development environment for Qi Hardware device.
  • Kernel, This git is only for xburst cpu upstreaming works or co-works. nothing relate to openwrt-xburst.git, please use openwrt-xburst.git/target/linux/xburst/ for the last NanoNote kernel
  • qvido, qt based openzim client
  • setfont2, make framebuffer console support 32-bit color fonts
  • Robotics platform, Development of a robotics platform with SIE board developed by CEIMTUN group
  • vido, small gtkmm based zim file reader
  • webmaster, an issue tracker for all problems related to our web-services
  • Werner's Miscellanea, Assorted small items that don't fit anywhere else
  • XBurst Tools, collection of boot and flash tools for XBurst devices.
  • Xué video camera, Open Hardware Smart network camera

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