What are the keyboard shortcuts?

  • Shift+h: This help page.

If you are in a project, you have the following shortcuts:

  • Shift+u: Project updates.
  • Shift+d: Downloads.
  • Shift+o: Documentation.
  • Shift+a: Create a new issue.
  • Shift+i: List of open issues.
  • Shift+m: The issues you submitted.
  • Shift+w: The issues assigned to you.
  • Shift+s: Source.

You also have the standard access keys:

  • Alt+1: Home.
  • Alt+2: Skip the menus.
  • Alt+4: Search (when available).

How to mark an issue as duplicate?

This is simple:

  1. Write in the comments "This is a duplicate of issue 123", change 123 with the corresponding issue number.
  2. Change the status of the current issue to Duplicate.
  3. Submit the changes.

How can I display my head next to my comments?

You need to create an account on Gravatar, this takes about 5 minutes and is free.

What is the API and how to use it?

The API (Application Programming Interface) is used to interact with InDefero with another program. For example, this can be used to create a desktop program to submit new tickets easily.

Learn more about the API.