Age Message
7 years 24 days tornado/cpu/cpu.sch (CON3): nISP and nRESET were swapped
7 years 25 days tornado/cpu/cpu.brd: make connection to the MCU's GND pad straighter
7 years 25 days tornado/cpu/cpu.brd: include subsystem name (CPU) in text label

Also update the date code.
7 years 25 days tornado/led/led.brd: clean up layout
7 years 25 days tornado/led/: layout for new LED board version
7 years 26 days tornado/led/led.cmp: update for new components and changed references
7 years 26 days tornado/led/: update schematics for new power distribution
7 years 26 days tornado/cpu/: rearrange things and fix ERC problems
7 years 26 days tornado/cpu/cpu.sch: split overly crowded sheet into two
7 years 27 days tornado/cpu/cpu.brd: improve 3V3 routing
7 years 27 days tornado/cpu/: new version of the CPU board (WIP)

- a bit smaller, 42.25 x 22.5 mm. The old version was 43.75 x 25.25 mm
- NXP LPC1112FHN33/202 MCU (Cortex-M0)
- step-down converter for the 3.3 V supply
- all-digital 3D acceleration sensor
- one local LED
- push-pull card holder

Note that the interface to the LED modules has changed as well. New
- high supply voltage
- optional sharing of regulator
- double ground
7 years 30 days BOOKSHELF: add LIS3DH app note; add push-pull uSD card holder
7 years 1 month BOOKSHELF: add data sheets of parts for next Tornado iteration
7 years 1 month tornado/doc/README: calculate image size
7 years 1 month tornado/fw/tornado.c: update signal processing from sim/alg.c
7 years 1 month tornado/fw/tornado.c: experimental code to log ADC samples to memory card

For a yet unknown reason, writing to the card fails if also processing
the samples. Maybe it's some side-effect of switching the LEDs.
7 years 1 month tornado/fw/sim/alg.c: dampen more, to also absorb chain jumps
7 years 1 month tornado/fw/sim/alg.c: tune EWMA weights; correct sample rate for simulation
7 years 1 month tornado/fw/sim/p: pass arguments to "alg"; label graphs; better separate "up"
7 years 1 month tornado/fw/sim/alg.c: accept data from standard input; fix "process"
7 years 1 month tornado/fw/sim/alg.c: take duration of simulation from command line
7 years 1 month tornado/fw/sim/alg.c: separate data processing from sample generation
7 years 1 month tornado/fw/ben/ben.c: accept optional byte address argument
7 years 1 month tornado/fw/mmc.[ch]: read/write address is not in sectors, just call it "addr"
7 years 1 month tornado/fw/mmc.c: print R1 response when running on Ben