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Issue 1: can't turn off device with power button

Reported by Yi Zhang, Oct 29, 2009

Repro steps:
1. Follow [1] to reflash the OpenWrt image if you don't have it on 
your Ben NanoNote yet.
2. Turn on the device by pressing the power button.
3. After you see OpenWrt flash screen, press power button again to 
turn off the device.

===> device doesn't turn off


Comment 1 by Yi Zhang, Oct 29, 2009

Owner: yiz

Comment 2 by Yi Zhang, Oct 29, 2009

Labels: Type:Defect, Priority:Critical, Milestone:Release1.0, -Bug, -Priority:High

Comment 3 by Yury Sakarinen, Nov 10, 2009

workaround: use "halt" busybox command to turn NN off

Comment 4 by David Samblas, Dec 17, 2009

on image 20091216 power button stills not power off the machine

Comment 5 by Xiangfu Liu, Dec 29, 2009

on image 20091222 the power button works,
but sometimes the GTK exit. the "poweroff" 
"reboot" command not work.

the fn-handle involve the "poweroff" command to poweroff 
the device.
Status: Fixed
Owner: xiangfu

Created: 10 years 11 months ago by Yi Zhang

Updated: 10 years 9 months ago

Status: Fixed

Owner: Xiangfu Liu

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