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Issue 17: Port StarDict to openwrt-packages

Reported by Xiangfu Liu, Dec 18, 2009

1. already add the makefile to openwrt-packages.
2. StarDict needs:

Comment 1 by Xiangfu Liu, Dec 24, 2009

here is StarDict needs libs(not in openwrt) for now:
  |---> libgnomeui-2.0
                      |---> libbonobo (*)
                      |---> libgnome-vfs (*)cu
                                |---> gnome-mime-data (*)

(*) means compile success.
Status: Started
Owner: xiangfu

Comment 2 by Xiangfu Liu, Dec 28, 2009

  |---> libgnomeui-2.0
              |--->gconf2 (in openwrt)
                      |---> libbonobo (*)
                      |---> libgnome-vfs (*)
                                |---> gnome-mime-data (*)
                      |---> libpopt (in openwrt)
                      |---> libgnomecanvas
                      |---> libgnome
                      |---> bonobo-activation

those libs have committed to openwrt-package. some of them are not 
complete. like URL and description is empty

Comment 3 by Xiangfu Liu, Jan 4, 2010

the libbonoboui maybe not support DirectFB.

Comment 4 by Xiangfu Liu, Jan 10, 2010

change the source code of libbonoboui. now it's compiled.

but when configure stardict. got error:
checking for main in -lX11... no
configure: error: X11 lib not found

Comment 5 by Xiangfu Liu, Feb 17, 2010

only the scan keys need the X11 lib.
we don't need that function in NanoNote.

Comment 6 by Xiangfu Liu, Mar 14, 2010

now the stardict work fine in NanoNote.
fix bug:
  * screen go black when scroll the result text
  * when press [enter] at search input combo. the stardict crash.
  * change the window layout. remove useless buttons
  * add --enable-nanonote-support to configure 
  * disable networking scanning

please test and update stardict in next release images
Status: Fixed

Comment 7 by Xiangfu Liu, Mar 21, 2010

20100320 release.
 the stardict have included by 20100320 release.
Status: Verified

Created: 10 years 10 months ago by Xiangfu Liu

Updated: 10 years 7 months ago

Status: Verified

Owner: Xiangfu Liu