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Issue 21: Bad Data CRC when loading kernel

Reported by Wolfgang Spraul, Dec 20, 2009

When leaving a NanoNote without batteries for a few days, sometimes 
it cannot boot anymore giving the following error when loading the 

Verifying Checksum ... Bad Data CRC
ERROR: Can't get kernel image!
(the line is repeated a second time with some pixel errors due to a 
u-boot bug, it's not your LCM :-))

Attached is a NAND dump generated with the command 'ndump 1024 
0x420000 badcrc.dump -e' with a patched usbboot version from Lars 
( (amd64)).
The problem can be solved by reflashing just the kernel, but of 
course that's only a temporary solution...

Comment 1 by Wolfgang Spraul, Dec 20, 2009

Attached the file.

Comment 3 by Xiangfu Liu, Dec 21, 2009

where is the patch for usbboot that we can download. :)

I think we can try to dump 0x200000 not 0x420000.
and don't dump the OOB.

Comment 4 by Wolfgang Spraul, Jan 25, 2010

fixed with 20100113 image
Status: Verified

Comment 5 by palakave palakave, Feb 21, 2019

Great to know about the projects.qi-hardware blog and giving us more 
info about following errors always. Thanks to site for dump generating observations 
always, great loading concepts with us.

Created: 9 years 9 months ago by Wolfgang Spraul

Updated: 6 months 30 days ago

Status: Verified

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