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Issue 32: [ID: hi] right-most keys don't work on particular device

Reported by Wolfgang Spraul, Jan 25, 2010

On this particular Ben NanoNote (one out of 1000 with this problem), 
all keys in the right-most column (F8, P, del, enter, vol up, vol 
down) don't work.
They work perfectly fine when the device is reflashed with 
proprietary software.

Since the keyboard testing on the production line is currently done 
with proprietary software, it is very important to use this 
particular device to (hopefully) find and fix a bug that may appear 
on other Bens as well.

ID of the device: hi

Comment 1 by Wolfgang Spraul, Jan 25, 2010

reproducible with 20100113 image

Comment 2 by Wolfgang Spraul, Jan 25, 2010

Summary: [ID: hi] right-most keys don't work on particular device

Comment 3 by Wolfgang Spraul, Mar 2, 2011

now there is a problem with the LCM connector on the mainboard PCB 
side as well - you need to press it down to make the display turn 
on. reseating the fpc didn't help. It looks like a problem inside 
the connector, or with connector soldering. unrelated to the 
keyboard issue, which is still there.

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