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Issue 62: don't let u-boot tell the kernel to log to serial console

Reported by M. emdete, Apr 5, 2010

the current settings of u-boot direct the kernel to log to serial. 
it's much more helpful when searching errors to have logging on the 

also the splash screen shouldn't be used because the screen is 
already quite small.

Comment 1 by Xiangfu Liu, Apr 9, 2010

I think this should ask in mailing list. 
if most of the NanoNote users think we need the output in 
console. then we just enable loggin on the console.

Comment 2 by Xiangfu Liu, Apr 26, 2010

this[1] commit have disable the log to serial console.
we have create a wiki page[2] about Splash screen.



Comment 3 by Xiangfu Liu, Apr 29, 2010

in last comment this commit[1] is enable the log to tty0. not 
disable the serial log. 

Status: Started

Comment 4 by Xiangfu Liu, Jun 9, 2010

Status: Fixed

Created: 10 years 4 months ago by M. emdete

Updated: 10 years 2 months ago

Status: Fixed

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