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Issue 77: Cannot access SD card

Reported by Mike Riley, Jun 12, 2010

I had inserted a 4gb SD card and was able to use it just fine.  
After turning the machine off and back on I can no longer access the 
SD card.

Comment 1 by Wolfgang Spraul, Jun 13, 2010

Thanks for reporting this.
Which software are you running (OpenWrt?). You can see the version 
with cat /etc/VERSION. Have you reflashed to the latest version?
Do you have another microSD card to compare with?
Status: Accepted

Comment 2 by Mike Riley, Jun 14, 2010

Version is 2010-01-13.  I do not have another micro SD card to try.  
I can manually mount the mmcblk0p1 device and then can see the card, 
but it will not be mounted on power on.  Initially for the first 
couple power ups after inserting the card it was automounted, it is 
no longer.  Even adding auto to the fstab will not automount the SD 

Comment 3 by Wolfgang Spraul, Jun 18, 2010

I apologize for the delayed response.
We just released a new OpenWrt image, 2010-06-15. Lots of fixes and 
improvements, so I think we should update your Ben. What do you 
think? Have you read about reflashing?
If you need help, try the #qi-hardware IRC channel on freenode, web 
client is here

Comment 4 by David K├╝hling, Jun 20, 2010

just installed 2010-06-15 yesterday.  Same problem here, SD card 
(4GB,vfat) is not auto-mounted.  Manually logging in and mounting 
from the command line works, though.

Mounting does neither work if the card is inserted before boot, nor 
when I hot-plug it during operation.


PS: the firmware image installed before was the one that my nanonote 
came with, when I got it at LinuxTAG (this one had no gmenufx GUI).  
That version did sucessfully auto-mount the same SD card.

Comment 5 by Xiangfu Liu, Jun 20, 2010

 the NanoNote will not mount sd card partition when boot.
yes it will auto mount when you replug in the sd card.

if you want automount sd card partition when boot.
please edit /etc/config/fstab in your NanoNote.

this commit make the automount sd card not work:

Comment 6 by Xiangfu Liu, Aug 16, 2010

Status: Fixed

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Created: 9 years 7 months ago by Mike Riley

Updated: 10 months 30 days ago

Status: Fixed

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