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Issue 78: Cannot key a backtick (`) character

Reported by Mike Riley, Jun 15, 2010

I cannot type a backtick (`) character from the keyboard.  The key 
that should produce it is producing a double quote (") instead 
of the backtick.

Comment 1 by Xiangfu Liu, Jun 20, 2010

please take a look at

[SHIFT] + [´] = [`]
[´] is at the right of [\], the left of [,]
Status: Started

Comment 2 by Mike Riley, Jun 20, 2010

Yes, that is the key I expect to get the ` character from, but 
hitting [shift] + ['] produces ["] and not [`].

Comment 3 by Daria Snyder, Feb 7, 2019

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Created: 9 years 7 months ago by Mike Riley

Updated: 11 months 14 days ago

Status: Started

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