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Issue 87: Problem with console color palette

Reported by Rikard Lindström, Jul 11, 2010

I have noticed that the text color palette in the console is wrong.

Reproduce: Show any colored text i.e. "echo -e '\x1B[1;32mThis 
text should be green.\x1B[0m'".

The color mapping can be changed by "echo -e 
x = color number, value 0-F
rr, gg, bb = red, green and blue, value 00-FF 
Generated colors:
000000 = black
ff0000 = red
00ff00 = yellow
0000ff = cyan
ffff00 = yellow
00ffff = white
ffffff = white
So it seems as some color values overwrite other color values under 
some conditions.

I'm running Openwrt 10.3, r21701.

Comment 1 by Xiangfu Liu, Jul 12, 2010

thanks for your patch. I tested it and commit in :

I have one question. how kernel use the function: 

every time kernel want display color. kernel will use that ? right?

Status: Fixed

Created: 10 years 1 month ago by Rikard Lindström

Updated: 10 years 1 month ago

Status: Fixed

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