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Issue 93: LCM init problem when booting zImage with xbboot

Reported by Wolfgang Spraul, Sep 9, 2010

when booting the zImage/initramfs with xbboot, the OpenWrt splash 
screen shows up green, and the entire LCM view is shifted to the 
right by about 30-50 pixels.

Comment 1 by Xiangfu Liu, Nov 5, 2010

fixed in d8efb947edb6a21a7bcb234c4d12b7e5a3a7a094
Status: Fixed
Owner: xiangfu

Comment 2 by palakave palakave, Apr 18, 2019

The great thoughts and giving us about booting image with xbboot, 
really very impressive and useful for all. The great screen shows up for essential 
concepts and including the more info.

Created: 8 years 11 months ago by Wolfgang Spraul

Updated: 4 months 8 hours ago

Status: Fixed

Owner: Xiangfu Liu

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