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Issue 96: single right quote in vim advances cursor two spaces.

Reported by Alan Post, Sep 21, 2010

open vim from the console.  (My terminal is 40x15)

type 'i' to enter insert mode.  type the right single quote 
character.  The cursor will print the single quote character and a 

I expected the single quote character to appear without a space 
immediately afterwards.  If I press ctrl-l to refresh the screen, 
the extra space disappears.

In testing, this bug also appears with the busybox version of vi.

libncurses - 5.7-3
libncursesw - 5.7-3
vim-full - 7.1-3

Comment 1 by Xiangfu Liu, Sep 23, 2010

in kernel patch :
  +keycode  41 = U+00B4           grave

the key is Unicode Character 'ACUTE ACCENT'  U+00B4.  
the "quote" is [RED ARROW] + [COMMA].

it's strange. this key works fine in "joe" "nano"

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