Age Message
12 years 11 months ben-pcb-domes is done at 1 mm and 500 um.
12 years 11 months ben-pcb-comp2: 1 mm and 100 um scans are done. Reusing old ben-pcb-comp-500um.
12 years 11 months Corrected aspect ratio, added lateral views, and improved Makefile.

- sfy/Makefile (sben): make a small image, for quick previews
- sfy/Makefile (ben): changed size from 1280x900 to 1600x800
- sfy/Makefile (upload): convert ben.png to ben.jpg and upload to
- sfy/ben.pov: adjusted camera position and aspect ratio
- sfy/ben.pov: added lateral views
12 years 11 months Solidified the bottom shell.

- sfy/bottom.sfy: assembly of the bottom shell
- sfy/ben.pov: added the "bottom" part
12 years 11 months grr
12 years 11 months Added "new" along with its paraphernalia.

- sfy/Makefile (new): added "new" target and the variables is uses (from
12 years 11 months ben-bottom-outside2-100um is done.
12 years 11 months Show an exploded view of all parts scanned so far in one image.

- sfy/ben.pov: show a stack of all parts scanned so far
- sfy/Makefile: replaced $(NAME).inc with general .sfy -> .inc rule
- sfy/Makefile (PROJECTS): renamed to PARTS
- sfy/Makefile (ben): process ben.pov
12 years 11 months Makefile and helper scripts for running solidify and POV-Ray.

- sfy/Makefile: shortcuts for common operations. Based on solidify/Makefile
- sfy/solidify: wrapper to invoke solidify over at cae-tools
- sfy/template.pov: standard scene template, from cae-tools/solidify
12 years 11 months Re-aligned all projects after fixing the inclination in solidify.

- sfy/*.sfy: inverted fx, tracking change in solidify
- sfy/*.sfy: re-aligned all projects after fixing the inclination. Massive
amount of weirdness have vanished now.
- sfy/kbd.sfy: added the keyboard as well
12 years 11 months Experimental alignments for solidify.
13 years 9 hours ben-bottom-outside2 is done at 1 mm and 500 um resolution.
13 years 14 hours Moved solidify to a new and more suitable project: cae-tools.

Keeping code in ben-scans wasn't such a good idea, because one has to
check out all the huge data files along with it too. Better keep to two
13 years 15 hours In POV-Ray output, move faces to more correct Z locations.

- solidify/povray.c: update title for renaming
- solidify/povray.c (povray_face, povray): flip the bottom face
- solidify/povray.c (povray_face, povray): instead of centering the face on
Z, shift it to its z0 position
- solidify/povray.c (povray_face, povray): split the distance between faces
equally among them
13 years 15 hours ben-lcdframe-front-100um is done.
13 years 16 hours All there is in solid.c is about POV-Ray, so rename it to povray.c

- solidify/solid.c: renamed to solidify/povray.c
- solidify/Makefile (OBJS): change solid.o to povray.o
13 years 16 hours Fix our trigonometry: the z0 inclination is expressed as a tangent, not a sine.

- solidify/project.c (read_face_data, save_face_data): fx/fy represent a
tangent, not a sine
- solidify/overlap.c (merge_matrix): corrected shrinkage formula to use
tangent instead of sine
13 years 17 hours Sanitize POV-Ray output (in progress)

- solidify/main.pov: set up a more traditional view than POV-Ray's "camera"
- solidify/main.pov: mark the coordinate axes with colored balls
- solidify/main.pov: make the part semi-transparent so that we can see the
coordinate axes
- solidify/solid.c (povray_face, povray): moved dumping a face from
povray() to povray_face()
- solidify/solid.c (povray_face): scale the height field to its real size
- solidify/solid.c (povray_face): rotate the face such that height is Z
- solidify/solid.c (povray_face): translate the face such that its center
is at the origin
13 years 22 hours Use the project name to disambiguate names in POV-Ray output.

- solidify/main.pov: change name from "Part" to "Part_batcvr"
- solidify/solid.h (povray), solidify/solid.c (sanitize, povray): use the
project name as prefix for PGM files and a suffix for the object name
- solidify/solidify.c (main): pass the project's basename to povray()
13 years 22 hours solidify now stores the context of sessions in project description files.

- solidify/Makefile (OBJS): added project.o
- solidify/Makefile (new): new target to create a new project
- solidify/Makefile (run): changed to resume previously created project
- solidify/util.h (stralloc): added stralloc (from fped)
- solidify/project.h, solidify/project.c: create, load, and save project
description files
- solidify/solidify.c (clicked, gui_buttons, gui, main): updated to use
project instead of solid
- solidify/solidify.c (usage, main): new invocation: four arguments to start
new project, one argument to resume old project
13 years 23 hours Step sizes are now auto-determined, allowing use of files of any resolution.

- solidify/face.h (struct face): record the x, y, and z step sizes
- solidify/face.c (load_file, read_file): moved file I/O from read_file to
- solidify/face.c (adjust_step, read_file): before populating the array,
determine the x/y and z step sizes
- solidify/solidify.c (main): verify that both faces have the same step
- solidify/solidify.c (main): don't use hard-coded z step size
- solidify/solidify.c (main): move call to setlocale() next to gtk_init(),
to make it clear whose damage we're trying to control
13 years 1 day The #endif at end of header file must have a comment saying /* !name */

- solidify/array.h, solidify/histo.h, solidify/level.h, solidify/solid.h,
solidify/util.h" comment at final #endif said /* name */, not /* !name */
13 years 1 day Like rotations, shifts can now be accelerated by changing the mouse position.

- solidify/overlap.c (do_shift, shift): instead of passing an integer
direction, pass a floating-point distance
- solidify/overlap.c (scroll_event): weight shifts as well. Closer to the
circle means faster.
- solidify/style.h (DIST_STEPS): acceleration factor for shifts
13 years 1 day Bottom face was flipped in overlap.

- solidify/overlap.c (draw_map): flip x-axis of bottom face (and remove
comment suggesting to flip the y axis. The x-axis is better, since this
is often how things are scanned.)
13 years 1 day Some simple optimizations increase drawing speed in overlap by 33%.

- solidify/overlap.c (overlap): added speed testing loop
- solidify/overlap.c (zmix): instead of floor/ceil, we just use
floor/floor+1. With the ramp() change below, an 18% speed increase results
- solidify/overlap.c (ramp): after the above change, w0 and w1 can never be
zero, so we don't have to test for this case
- solidify/array.h (get_bounded), solidify/array.c: inline get_bounded(),
yielding a 13% speed increase