Ben NanoNote 3D scans

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Ben NanoNote 3D scans Updates

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Sep 25, 2010
12 years 11 months Step sizes are now auto-determined, allowing use of files of any resolution.
Sep 24, 2010
12 years 11 months The #endif at end of header file must have a comment saying /* !name */
12 years 11 months Like rotations, shifts can now be accelerated by changing the mouse position.
12 years 11 months Bottom face was flipped in overlap.
12 years 11 months Some simple optimizations increase drawing speed in overlap by 33%.
12 years 11 months Increase dynamic range of rotation and follow "far from center = faster"
12 years 11 months solidify/main.pov: don't use weird "x is up" perspective
12 years 11 months More corrections to handling of the "user" matrix. Made controls more intuitive.
12 years 11 months Instead of performing the tranformations stepwise for each point, pre-calculate
12 years 11 months Infrastructure for generating POV-Ray output (not useful yet)
12 years 11 months Various coordinate transform corrections in overlap.c
12 years 11 months Overlapping now has an OSD, too.
12 years 11 months When leveling, the center circle is now shown when the pointer approaches it.
13 years The top face can now be shifted.
13 years 28 minutes Use two faces and show how they overlap (in progress)
13 years 1 hour Introduce a solid data type and use it, mainly in overlap()
13 years 1 hour The GUI can now switch among operations.
13 years 2 hours Minor level.c cleanup.
13 years 2 hours Added interactive 2D transformation (working towards overlapping)
13 years 4 hours Added copyright headers all over the place. (GPLv2+)

Development Team
Werner Almesberger