Age Message
7 years 2 months tools/atrf-txrx/atrf-txrx.c: option -q becomes "quick" and uses aggressive polling

This allows us to capture frames at full speed speed.
7 years 2 months tools/lib/: aggressive polling for wait_for_interrupt, if timeout_ms = -1
7 years 2 months atusb/fw/: add SPI block reception

This decreases the retrieval time for a frame of 102 bytes from
660 us to 384 us, corresponding to a speed change from about
1.26 Mbps to 2.17 Mbps (102 bytes plus 2 bytes overhead).
7 years 2 months tools/atrf-txrx/atrf-txrx.c: new option -q for quiet capture
7 years 3 months atusb/fw/Makefile: improve size reporting (show segment sizes)
7 years 3 months atusb/fw/mac.c (next_buf): dedicated function for incrementing buffer indices
7 years 3 months atusb/fw/mac.c: remove queued_rx; buffer frames in the MCU instead

queued_rx held a frame in the transceiver's receive buffer until we could
transfer it. This may cause frame loss if a new reception begins.

We now retrieve frames from the transceiver immediately and buffer them
in the MCU.
7 years 3 months atusb/fw/mac.c: add section titles
7 years 4 months tools/atrf-txrx/atrf-txrx.c: use -x also on reception, to output message in hex
7 years 4 months tools/atrf-txrx/atrf-txrx.c: new option -x to interpret messages as hex strings
7 years 4 months tools/atrf-txrx/atrf-txrx.c (usage): separate all sections by blank line

The "PER" and "constant wave" sections followed their predecessors
without a blank line.
7 years 5 months web/index.html: update Web page (including shop change from Tuxbrain to Pulster)

- remove Tuxbrain shop
- add Pulster shop
- update kernel code location (now on github)
- add links to factory file packages
- clarify atusb code sizes
7 years 5 months atben/misc/mkpatches: script to generate mails for the ATBEN kernel patches
7 years 5 months atben-spi-performance.txt: clean up and describe role of referenced code
7 years 5 months atben/misc/atben-spi-performance.txt: SPI performance comparison

This was earlier posted to the mailing lists. Updated the URLs.
7 years 6 months atusb/fw/: echo back TX ACK sequence number; don't panic if driver times out TX
7 years 6 months atusb/fw/usb/: enable MCU reset on USB bus reset after config selection

This way the host can reset the MCU if it's hung (for example, in the
panic loop) and we don't need to unplug-replug.
7 years 6 months atusb/fw/mac.c: queue frame reception if USB is busy

This way we we make sure we retrieve the frame and thus release dynamic
buffer protection (if enabled).
7 years 6 months include/atusb/atusb.h: salvage cute explanation of 0x1540 from usb-ids.h
7 years 6 months atusb/fw/include/atusb/usb-ids.h: remove (and adapt former users)
7 years 6 months atusb/fw/mac.c (handle_irq): move frame reception to separate function
7 years 6 months atusb/fw/mac.c (handle_irq): only handle TRX_END; never fall back to seq ints
7 years 6 months fw/include/atusb/ep0.h: protect also USB_DIR_IN and USB_DIR_OUT

They're currently not defined by libusb, but since the kernel has them,
they may eventually also end up in user space.
7 years 6 months fw/include/atusb/ep0.h (USB_TYPE_VENDOR): avoid conflict with /usr/include/usb.h
7 years 6 months atusb/fw/board.h: de-duplicate USB ID definitions (now originate from atusb.h)