Date:2011-01-19 21:43:01 (9 years 11 months ago)
Author:Werner Almesberger
Message:misctxrx.c (wait_for_interrupt): let "ignore" control printing more tightly

When some interrupt(s) happened but the one(s) wait_for_interrupt was
waiting for weren't among them, it printed the list of interrupts
even if they were all in "ignore". This made sequences like RX_START
followed by TRX_END unnecessarily noisy.

Now, wait_for_interrupt only prints the pending interrupts if at
least one of them is not in "ignore".
Files: tools/lib/misctxrx.c (1 diff)

Change Details

5353        if (!irq)
5454            continue;
5555        show = irq & ~ignore;
56        if ((irq & wait_for) && !show)
57            break;
56        if (!show) {
57            if (irq & wait_for)
58                break;
59            continue;
60        }
5861        fprintf(stderr, "IRQ (0x%02x):", irq);
5962        if (irq & IRQ_PLL_LOCK)
6063            fprintf(stderr, " PLL_LOCK");

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