Date:2016-08-01 19:10:53 (7 years 4 months ago)
Author:Stefan Schmidt
Message:web: update status and links on the webpage

Linux-wpan is way further now and the driver is already in
mainline. Make sure our page is a bit more accurate.
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4949AT86RF231</A> transceiver. They operate in the license-free 2.4 GHz band
5050using the
5151<A href="">IEEE 802.15.4</A>
52physical and link layer.
52physical and link layer.
5454Note that IEEE 802.15.4 is different from
5555<A href="">IEEE 802.11</A> (WLAN)
6868<B>atben</B> and <B>atusb</B> can communicate at the physical and link
69layer with any device that implements the
69layer with any device that implements the
7070<A href="">IEEE
7171802.15.4-2006 standard</A> for the 2.4 GHz band.
8989The ultimate goal is to fully support IPv6 with
9090<A href="">6LoWPAN</A>, in
9191cooperation with the
92<A href="">linux-zigbee</A>
93project. This work is still in progress and may take a while.
92<A href="">linux-wpan</A>
9595To make use of the boards while working on IPv6, we have developed a quick
9696and dirty tunnelling mechanism for IPv4. A video demonstrating its use
140140    <TD><A href="">Production notes</A>, factory files:
141141      <A href="">PCB</A> and
142142      <A href="">SMT</A>
143  <TR><TH align="left">Firmware<TD bgcolor="#ffff00" align="center">
144    Finishing
143  <TR><TH align="left">Firmware<TD bgcolor="#80ff80" align="center">
144    Done
145145    <TD><A href="">source</A>,
146146        <A href="atusb-0.2.dfu">0.2 release</A>
147  <TR><TH align="left">Device driver<TD bgcolor="#ffff00" align="center">
148    Finishing
149    <TD><A href="">mainlining through linux-wpan (bluetooh-next tree)</A>
147  <TR><TH align="left">Device driver<TD bgcolor="#80ff80" align="center">
148    Done
149    <TD><A
150href="">In Linux mainline since 4.2 </A>
150151  <TR><TH align="left">MAC layer<TD bgcolor="#ffff00" align="center">
151    In progress
152    Finishing
152153    <TD><A href="">linux-wpan project
153154  <TR><TH align="left">IPv4 hack<TD bgcolor="#80ff80" align="center">Done
154155    <TD><A href="">dirtpan</A>
155  <TR><TH align="left">6LoWPAN stack<TD bgcolor="#ffff00" align="center">In progress
156  <TR><TH align="left">6LoWPAN stack<TD bgcolor="#ffff00" align="center">Finishing

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