Date:2013-06-23 06:29:56 (7 years 4 months ago)
Author:Werner Almesberger
Message:tools/atrf-txrx/atrf-txrx.c (usage): separate all sections by blank line

The "PER" and "constant wave" sections followed their predecessors
without a blank line.
Files: tools/atrf-txrx/atrf-txrx.c (2 diffs)

Change Details

601601" repetitions number of times the message is sent (default 1)\n\n"
602602" text message mode (hard MAC):\n"
603603" -H use hard MAC mode\n"
604" message message string to send (if absent, receive)\n"
604" message message string to send (if absent, receive)\n\n"
605605" PER test mode (transmit only):\n"
606606" -E pause_s seconds to pause between frames (floating-point)\n"
607607" repetitions number of messages to send (default: infinite)\n\n"
611611" Round-trip time measurement:\n"
612612" -R send/receive RTT measurement packets\n"
613613" packets number of packets to send (master)\n"
614" size size of packets in bytes\n"
614" size size of packets in bytes\n\n"
615615" constant wave test mode (transmit only):\n"
616616" -T offset test mode. offset is the frequency offset of the constant\n"
617617" wave in MHz: -2, -0.5, or +0.5\n"

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