Software setup Flashing Functional test Fault analysis Introduction Boot loader Application
The microcontroller of atusb contains firmware that must be loaded before the testing process can commence. The firmware consists of the following two parts:
  1. The boot loader (via serial programming, using avrdude)
  2. The application (via DFU, using dfu-util)

Note that atben has no microcontroller and therefore does not need any flashing.

The following image shows the setup for flashing the boot loader:

To flash the boot loader,

  • insert the atusb-pgm board into the Ben
  • place the atusb board (DUT) on the table near the Ben, without connecting it to USB
  • place atusb-pgm on atusb as shown in the image below and gently push it on the contacts

  • finally, cd to ben-wpan/prod/ and run
        make flash

The flashing takes about 20-30 seconds. If it should fail, make sure you properly placed atusb-pgm and try again. If it keeps on failing, remove atusb-pgm from the Ben and insert it again. If flashing fails despite numerous attempts, proceed to the fault analysis.

The flashing script proceeds automatically to the flashing of the application. All you need to do is insert the atusb board into the PC:

The flashing script will wait up to 30 seconds for enumeration. Once the atusb board has been detected, the script transfers the application with DFU. After this, you can proceed with the functional test.

If the board fails to enumerate, proceed with the fault analysis.