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Source at commit b51d442c317c76425cac446818ade6ccc43952c4 created 5 years 9 months ago.
By Werner Almesberger, atusb/fw/usb/dfu.c (config_descriptor): correct alt settings off-by-one error
blob Makefile.basic 9 years 2 months Werner Almesberger: dropped f32xbase dependency on Makefile.common 799 bytes
blob Makefile.kicad 6 years 8 months Werner Almesberger: makefiles/Makefile.kicad (GERBERS): auto-choose between old and new file names 5.86 kB
blob Makefile.recurse 9 years 11 months Werner Almesberger: Finished and tested TX/RX. (LQ doesn't work yet, the rest does.) 866 bytes

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