Age Message
6 years 6 months cameo/templates/mkmk-simple: also look for $NAME-PTH.drl

Used to be just $NAME.drl
6 years 6 months cameo/gerber.c: support %FSLAX46Y46*% and %MOMM*%
6 years 6 months cameo/templates/mkmk-simple: edge cuts are now in Edge.Cuts.gm1
6 years 8 months poly2d/Makefile: "install" and "uninstall" should be "phony", too
7 years 10 months cameo/lang.l: fix typo in "remote" keyword

Indicating that this one was never used so far :)
7 years 11 months cameo/templates/mkmk-simple: introduce Z0 parameter; clean up Z calculation

This allows the setting of the "tool down" position, e.g., when varying
the thickness of the support or of victim material under the PCB.
7 years 11 months sl2/ use same Z offset calculation as

Else, we don't mill into the workpiece but into its support.
7 years 11 months sl2/ add command-line options
7 years 11 months sl2/ complete basic processing structure (WIP)
7 years 11 months sl2/: standalone slicer (WIP)

sfc/ has troubles with artefacts. It seems that we can do much
better by avoiding the high-level operations and doing all the slicing
7 years 11 months sfc/ print Z position of layer being processes
7 years 11 months cameo/: new command "purge" to remove corners that add little or on area

Such corners are typically artefacts that can upset later processing stages.
7 years 11 months cameo/path.c (path_from), path.h: make public, for future sharing
8 years 2 months gp2rml/gp2rml.c (output_paths): use PA when possible; correct speed calculation

The mill uses the Z speed for the entire !ZZ movement, whether there
is a Z component or not. We now issue PA instead of !ZZ when moving

Also adapted the speed calculating accordingly.
8 years 4 months sfc/ correct last position tracking for mech_eps
8 years 4 months gp2rml/gp2rml.c: new option "-t top" to manually set z_max
8 years 4 months gp2rml/gp2rml.c: add spaces around operators
8 years 4 months gp2rml/gp2rml.c (main): use getopt
8 years 4 months sfc/ new option -m for model tolerance; correct usage
8 years 6 months cameo/lang.l: require all commands followed by file name to end with whitespace

This avoids embarrassment after typos like write-gerber foo.g
8 years 6 months cameo/: new command write_gerber, for Gerber output
8 years 7 months cameo/path.c (path_find_leftmost): continue searching for the smallest coordinate

Else, we may find a large X that is still the smallest at that time, but
then find a smaller X in some other path and pick the wrong path.
8 years 7 months cameo/templates/mkmk-simple: accept no only Gerber but also $ as input
8 years 8 months sfc/ add overshoot only after slicing

Otherwise, we slice below the bottom of the piece , which probably won't
go too well ..
8 years 8 months sfc/ also let getopt know that we support -o