C8051F32x firmware infrastructure

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C8051F32x firmware infrastructure Git Source Tree


File Age Message Size
blob BOOKSHELF 13 years 3 months Werner Almesberger: Add DFU to BOOKSHELF. Add MMC driver unloading instructions to f32x/README 572 bytes
blob COPYING.GPLv2 13 years 6 months Werner Almesberger: README and GPLv2. 18.01 kB
blob Makefile 13 years 4 months Werner Almesberger: Added BOOKSELF and dsv setup procedure. 113 bytes
blob README 13 years 6 months Werner Almesberger: Put libraries at end of linker invocation to make it work with local 845 bytes
tree c2ben
tree c2usb
tree f32x
tree fw
tree include
tree lib

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