Age Message
3 years 4 months fped.c (usage): fix typo "heigth"
3 years 8 months fix a few whitespace issues in previous commit
3 years 8 months diff for gEDA PCB export in fped

I have

1) sorted out the tabbing

2) simplified > 1 element export by exporting elements in a layout (.pcb)

3) documented incompatibilities in the README

4) done it as a diff against origin master

let me know if you need anything else done



From dae69d9a63071a15c213c72e70b86fe963a67dd4 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: erich_heinzle <>
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2017 23:48:57 +1030
Subject: [PATCH] support for export to gEDA format of single and multiple
footprints in a .pcb layout
3 years 8 months dimensions can now be specified in micrometers (um)
3 years 9 months new option -l (lower case L) to list package names
4 years 6 months Makefile (manps): new target to show man page as Postscript
4 years 6 months fped.1: update for new options; fix typo; bump date
4 years 6 months gui.c: add "Allow" menu to GUI
4 years 6 months fped.c: new option -m (for -p and -P) to suppress showing measurements
4 years 6 months Makefile (man): generate and display the man page
5 years 8 months update the menu bar (specifically, View > Show ...) after changes with "/"
5 years 8 months gui_canvas.c (key_press_event): make / rotate through packages as well
5 years 8 months gui_frame.c (loop_scroll_event): reverse direction

For consistency with traversal of package list.
5 years 8 months new sidebar mode "Show packages"

Yes, now one can finally go through header.fpd and its 160 packages
without going crazy !
5 years 8 months gui.c (change_world): don't change color of the active frame

We're re-creating all the frames anyway (*), so why was this there ?
(*) And if we don't, which will happen in the near future, that's even
5 years 8 months sanitize show var/code handling; switch to enum for future changes
5 years 8 months dump.c (order_vecs): don't trip over vectors with deferred resolution

This caused segfaults in code view and dumping with -T -T.
5 years 8 months inst.c (find_point_vec): correct indentation
6 years 7 months dump.c: add dumping of %iprint
7 years 9 months Merge branch 'master' of
7 years 9 months experimental directive "allow holes" to allow multiple holes per pad

This is for thermal vias and the unusual grounding method NXP use in
their HVQFN33 footprints.
7 years 11 months move debian/* to
7 years 11 months debian: regular update
7 years 11 months transfer build flags from outside
7 years 11 months debian: cleanup changelog, include debian build flags