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By werner, Added a topological sort algorithm, for use when dumping.
1Major missing features:
2- add postscript output (partially done)
3- add option to include/omit helper vecs and frames (done for display, still
4  need postscript). Better idea: in PS, print the component 10x, 1x, and then
5  each individual frame 10x.
7Minor missing features:
8- reorder frames (can use text editor)
9- reorder variables in a frame (can use text editor)
10- move items/vectors up and down the hierarchy
12Error detection:
13- eliminate duplicate instances
15Style and usability:
16- make column of entry field greedily consume all unallocated space
17- make menu bar consume all unallocated space instead of sharing it evenly with
18  upper toolbar
19- status area looks awful
20- add button with GTK_STOCK_UNDELETE for "undelete" to menu bar
21- maximizing pad name size creates uneven text sizes. Particularly "1" gets
22  excessively large.
23- pango_layout_get_size doesn't seem to consider rotation, so we currently
24  don't properly size rotated text.
25- when changing the part, we should automatically switch to a configuration
26  that generates any of its (non-global) elements
27- add zoom controls to top toolbar
30- default silk width has no business being hard-coded in obj.c
31- undelete only works if not much has changed since the deletion
32- focus should return to canvas if nobody else wants it
33- whenever we call parse_* for input parsing, we may leak lots of expressions
34- can't edit measurement labels through the GUI
35- unbalanced parentheses in text throw off Postscript syntax
37Code cleanup:
38- merge edit_unique with edit_name
39- merge find_var_in_frame with similar mechanisms in expr.c and fpd.y
40- add regression tests
41- the drag logic is too complex. Better: let tool/instance just generate the
42  list of points at each stage, then handle the highlighting and hovering
43  inside a dragging module.
44- code organization is very poor. E.g., functions belonging to the different
45  items (pads, silk objects, vectors, etc.) should be grouped by item, not by
46  type of function, similar to how some things are now with gui_meas.c
47- eval_string_var should be merged into eval_var and the result should be a
48  struct num (?) that can contain both types. This also means changing all the
49  ops to handle/reject strings.
51Open decisions:
52- Q: should loop be (start, last) or (start, iterations) ? or start ... last ?
53- change vector circle color ? (also, highlight on hover ?)
54- Q: allow reassignment of vector names ?
55  A1: no: would cause confusion in GUI (vectors could become orphaned)
56  A2: yes. but we don't change the linkage.
57- Q: how do we handle stacks of objects ?
58  A: we don't but we make it easy to avoid them, by giving a good zoom,
59     flexible selection, and by disallowing stacks of identical objects in the
60     first place.
61- Q: add frame arguments ? (e.g., .frame pad(pin_num_offset) ...)
62  we can already approximate this by introducing an intermediate table that
63  sets up the arguments (provided that we don't consider vectors as well)
64- Q: should we make it a requirement to generate objects only once ?
65  A: yes.
67Future directions:
68- future: consider using cairo instead of gdk
69- live update of value when entering strings and expressions ?
70- advanced: non-standard solder mask
71- advanced: solder paste exceptions (subtractive, additive)
72- advanced: silk line width
73- future: consider editing non-canvas items (e.g., variable names/values) in
74  place
75- add a means to cut&paste and copy&paste objects, and perhaps also variables
76  (to move objects, we need to make sure all references are included. besides
77  that, copy&paste should be a slight variation of delete/undelete)
78- instead of blue screening, we could perhaps just skip the offending items and
79  replace them with a "here's a problem" marker that would still point to the
80  underlying object and allow repairs to be made

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