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Apr 20, 2010
9 years 4 months The partial order algorithm in dump.c sometimes dumped objects before a vector
Apr 23, 2010
9 years 3 months Added support for reordering rows and columns in a table via the GUI. To move
Apr 24, 2010
9 years 3 months Working towards the dragging of frames. Changed the press/drag/release logic of
9 years 3 months Dragging a frame into the canvas now works. It's built on top of the frame
Apr 25, 2010
9 years 3 months Oops. Some nasty debugging code escaped.
9 years 3 months Dragging a frame into the canvas reuses the hover and drag system. In order to
9 years 3 months Removing the old interface for adding frame refrences. Also updated the
9 years 3 months One more little DND surprise: drag-end doesn't get called if have a successful
9 years 3 months When creating an object in the GUI, its label wasn't initialized. Added
9 years 3 months More work on holes: added documentation and Postscript output.
9 years 3 months Holes can now also be output as KiCad modules.
Apr 26, 2010
9 years 3 months Added a topological sort algorithm, for use when dumping.
9 years 3 months With a little help from m8cutils and abyss, we now have regression tests for
Apr 27, 2010
9 years 3 months Got rid of the requirement to have a "package" directive. Fixed a grammar error
9 years 3 months I thought there was a bug in frame ordering, but it turns out that it works
9 years 3 months In the GUI, pad names were always centered on the pad. In the case of
Apr 28, 2010
9 years 3 months Deleting things often left measurements behind. Fixed these bugs, enhanced %del
9 years 3 months Cleaned up the disgusting mess that was the list of frames. The changes:
Apr 29, 2010
9 years 3 months Removed an old bug: parentheses and backslash are meta-characters in Postscript
May 3, 2010
9 years 3 months New option "-s scale" to set the exact scale factor for full-page Postscript