Reported by hi ban, Dec 16, 2012

When more than three sections are displayed on the screen, the 
section bar does not scroll properly.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1- change the theme of gmenu2x to display more than three columns.
2- make sure you have more sections than your screen can display.
3- press R to cycle through sections.
4- watch what happens when you select the 4th section.

the issue may be in menu.cpp, line 158:

	if (i>(int)iFirstDispSection+2)
		iFirstDispSection = i-2;

in this two lines, "2" should be changed for "number 
of columns - 1" or "number of section icons which fit in 
the screen -1"

Comment 1 by Maarten ter Huurne, Aug 12, 2013

Fixed by making the section navigation circular: there was no 
advantage to having a start and end to the list, while there were 
disadvantages, such as more complex code (leading to this bug) and 
not being able to see what the previous/next section is when you're 
at a list edge.
Status: Fixed
Owner: mth

Created: 9 years 7 months ago by hi ban

Updated: 9 years 1 day ago

Status: Fixed

Owner: Maarten ter Huurne