Age Message
10 years 10 months The links will now be loaded from both the system and the user-specific directories.
10 years 10 months GMenu2X now won't load skin files from the Default skin when using another skin.

This was causing trouble when the current skin does not provide graphical files on purpose (ie. skin with no top/bottom bar).
10 years 11 months Update for install_locations changes
10 years 11 months Merge branch 'master' of into install_locations

10 years 11 months Fixed bug: wallpaper does not use alpha channel.

The unnecessary alpha channel might harm performance but is not a big deal.
However, the fact that the alpha flag (bool) is somehow automatically
converted by C++ into a skin name (string) causes the entire screen to
stay black.

The black screen was fixed by removing the alpha flag.
For optimum blitting performance, the wallpaper surface is then converted
to the pixel format of the frame buffer.

Bug was introduced in 52c89d60055705e34afaafa7c2f1ab2840c2364e.
10 years 11 months PNG: Make loadPNG() responsible for creating an RGBA surface.

Before this commit loadPNG() could return any surface format and the caller
was responsible for converting it to the desired format. However, in practice
all callers want a surface with an alpha channel and SDL only supports that
with 32bpp surfaces, so RGBA or a permutation thereof. So I changed the
contract for loadPNG() so it is required to return an RGBA surface, and
removed the conversion code in the callers.

The next step is to replace IMG_Load() by a function that calls libpng
directly and loads a fixed 32bpp pixel format. That way, we can drop the
SDL_image dependency and avoid unnecessary pixel format conversions.
10 years 11 months Surface: Remove alpha flag.

As for SurfaceCollection, the alpha flag passed to the Surface constructor
was also always true. Therefore there is no need to have the flag.
10 years 11 months SurfaceCollection: Removed alpha flag.

In the existing code the alpha flag is always true, so there is no point
in passing it around.
10 years 11 months Merge branch 'master' of
10 years 11 months Add powersaver class
10 years 11 months Surface: Removed duplicate constructor.

There were two constructors that took an image path, skin name and alpha flag
as their arguments, but in different orders. We need only one of them.
10 years 11 months ASFont: Refactored string drawing methods.

Renamed methods that draw a single line from write() to writeLine().
There is now only one write() method left: the public method.

Pass surface to draw on as wrapped Surface instead of SDL_Surface.
At the end of the call chain we still use SDL directly though.
10 years 11 months Surface: Removed unused code and restricted access.

Removed all methods that are never called.
Made methods that are only called by Surface itself private.

One ugly thing remaining is outside access to the "raw" field.
10 years 11 months The ./configure will now accept the --enable-platform switch.

It takes as its parameter the name of the targeted platform.
Currently, those are nanonote, dingux, pandora, gp2x and pc.
The makefiles will install the data accordingly to the platform specs
(e.g. install the 800x480 skins for the pandora platform).
10 years 11 months Moved the pandora's "input.conf" file lying in the top directory to the pandora/data directory, replacing the previous (obsolete) one.
10 years 11 months Moved all the data files (translations, skins...) to the "data" folder.

On the "platform" sub-folder are located one folder for each platform gmenu2x supports.
The "translations" folder is now the same for all platforms.
The "skins" sub-folder contains directories which names defines the screen resolution of the contained skins (e.g. "320x240").
10 years 11 months nanonote: using color font
10 years 11 months nanonote: fix setfont path
10 years 11 months add color ash shell, add the method to as comment
11 years 13 days ASFont: access font pixels efficiently.

Previous commit ensures that the font surface is always 32 bpp.
Therefore we can read font pixels directly through a pointer.
11 years 13 days ASFont: only convert font surface if it is not already in a 32bpp format.
11 years 14 days Fixed debug print.

GCC 4.5.1 has stricter checking of format strings and refused to compile this.
11 years 14 days Merge branch 'master' of
11 years 15 days ASFont: removed duplication of horizontal alignment code.
11 years 15 days ASFont: merged SFontPlus class into ASFont class.