Age Message
9 years 12 days Fix build for platforms without libopk
9 years 12 days Disable inotify support if libopk is not found

Currently, inotify is used only to detect that OPKs have been
added / removed / modified, so it is not needed to enable inotify
support when support for OPKs is not compiled in.
9 years 23 days Recover last session from main() instead of constructor

This fixes a bug where the apps using the file selector wouldn't be
launched at all when selecting a new file after a session recover.
9 years 23 days Fixes the Selector returning empty file/directory names

This fixes commit ba5ef5126921a16a3735620ea3de234e68a52d27
9 years 24 days Make the InputManager handle analog sticks as input
9 years 24 days Change API of InputManager: we don't care about key release events
9 years 25 days Make the Selector return the canonicalised absolute pathname
9 years 25 days Simplify again the prototype of LinkApp as gmenu2x->input is public
9 years 25 days Add function GMenu2X::getTouchscreen(), to simplify Link and LinkApp prototypes
9 years 1 month Allow exiting the selector with B when not in explorer mode
9 years 1 month Revert "When started, load all OPKs in a thread to boost startup time"

Loading dynamically at startup is a very bad idea, as it
confuses the "load state before exiting" feature of GMenu2X:
the file selector will pass the file to a different program,
the cursor will move to select a different app, etc.

This reverts commit 5c631d610eabdf27c78693bdae566053166a791a.
9 years 1 month When started, load all OPKs in a thread to boost startup time
9 years 1 month Code factorisation (Add function inject_user_event() to utilities)
9 years 1 month Also search the Default skin in the user directory for skin files

This fixes a segmentation fault occuring on the wallpaper dialog
when trying to select a wallpaper located in the Default skin in
the user directory, when the current skin is not "Default".
9 years 1 month Fixed bug with launch screen and double buffering

LinkApp::drawRun() assumes the layers below are already painted when
it is called, but this was not the case. With single buffering, the
previous frame was still there so it still looked good, but with
double buffering the buffer typically contains an outdated screen.

Long term I think the launch should happen at the outermost scope,
so all destructors get a chance to run. This commit is a small step
in that direction, by exiting the main loop before launching.
9 years 1 month Pass full path to LinkApp::launch
9 years 1 month Eliminated selectedDir argument to LinkApp::launch()
9 years 1 month Check for empty strings using empty() instead of comparing to ""
9 years 1 month Removed checks for manuals and screenshots in JPEG and BMP format

Support for loading JPEG and BMP images was removed a long time ago,
so there is no point in looking for files in those formats.
9 years 1 month Fixed text area coordinates in TextDialog

Take top and bottom bar height as defined by skin into account.
9 years 1 month Added method GMenu2X::getContentArea()
9 years 1 month Added "bottomBarHeight" item to skin

There was already "topBarHeight", but the height of the bottom bar was
still hardcoded.
9 years 1 month Crop 320x240 versions of topbar.png and bottombar.png to width 320

They were 800 pixels wide before, which is harmless but wasteful.
9 years 1 month Removed PNG font

Now that we render using SDL_ttf, we have no more need for the font
PNG. In fact, the rendering code for it was removed a while ago.
9 years 1 month Made Surface argument to drawTopBar/drawBottomBar() mandatory