Iris is an operating system based on a capability microkernel. It runs on Ingenic JzSoc devices, such as the NanoNote.

Main features:

  • Well defined communication channels, leading to much improved security compared to other kernels. In particular, a program can only harm you when you provide it with the power do dangerous things, such as writing to sensitive data. There is no danger in running an untrusted program.
  • Very good debugging capabilities. Everything can be virtualized, which means that even device drivers can be debugged without special priviledges (there must of course be responses from the device, but that can be an emulation; the driver cannot see the difference). It is also very easy to sniff a communication channel.
  • Hackable. The system will be set up in such a way that it is particularly easy to interconnect the components in any desired way. This leads to new possibilities which are easily tried, after which they can be discarded or used.

Development Team
Bas Wijnen
Happy Crew
Bas Wijnen

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