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Issue 113: Makefile fails on BSD derived unix-like operating systems

Reported by metacollin, Sep 28, 2017

In common/Makefile.title, it uses date with the assumption that 
gnu-date is the only date program in existence.  This is, of course, 
not the case.  Any BSD-derived operating system will be using BSD's 
date program, whose '-d' flag does something very different from 
gnu-date (sets daylight savings time), and does not have builtin 
regex support at all.  

The make file runs date via a shell command to extract the 
COMMITE_DATE, and date -e (regular expressions) to do further 
formatting of the title. 

On BSD unix-likes, coreutils is still available of course, but the 
binaries are all prefixed with 'g' (gdate, gsed, etc).  

I've attached a small patch that selects the correct binary to use 
depending on the OS.  


Created: 3 years 1 month ago by metacollin

Status: New