Age Message
5 years 9 months components/stm32.lib: add STM32L052x6/8 in QFN32 (KxU) package
5 years 10 months components/halley2.lib: tentatively add Ingenic Halley2 module (WIP)
6 years 21 days components/ldo-3.lib (LDO-3-OIG): add generic basic LDO
6 years 9 months modules/header-50mil-pin.fpd: add 50 mil headers suitable for regular pins

The HDR-...-50mil footprints have a diameter suitable only for very
thin pins, or cables.
6 years 11 months components/pwr.lib: add "VDD" symbol
6 years 11 months modules/memcard8-molex-47309.fpd: Molex 47309 series memory card headers
7 years 18 days modules/dfn.fpd: replace fixed '8' by 'pins' variable, so 6-pin versions of the footprints are numbered work too

Signed-off-by: Alvaro Gamez Machado <>
Commit 42abcc385753e29209a98a886537a4783ac8a009, by Alvaro Gamez Machado
7 years 1 month modules/header.fpd, HIERARCHY: increased header columns from 1-20 to 1-40

That's a total of 120 new footprints.
7 years 1 month modules/header.fpg, HIERARCHY: add 50 mil through-hole headers
7 years 1 month modules/lga.fpd, HIERARCHY (LGA-12-1.7x2-RUT): TI "RUT" package
7 years 1 month modules/qfn.fpd, HIERARCHY (QFN24-VGGD-8): "MO-220 variation VGGD-8", for XRA1201

According to
7 years 1 month modules/qfn.fpd, HIERARCHY (QFN20-UEEE): "MO-248 variation UEEE", for FSA2866
7 years 1 month modules/dfn.fpd, HIERARCHY: add DFN-6-0.65mm-TH (TI DRV)
7 years 1 month modules/dfn.fpd, HIERARCHY (DFN-6-0.65mm): "WSON", for TI LMV221SD
7 years 2 months Ignore gencon.lib, as its an output of components/Makefile

Signed-off-by: Alvaro Gamez Machado <>
Commit a2445208845640d06c7c7f269df1b576a6e837fd, by Alvaro Gamez Machado
7 years 2 months modules/tact-4-rect-smt.fpd: forgot to commit (reported by Alvaro Gamez Machado)
7 years 3 months modules/jtrace.fpd: "jumper trace" (short cuttable trace, compatible with R)
7 years 3 months components/dualpmosfet.lib (DUALPMOSFET-PAR): parallel arrangement
7 years 3 months components/dualnmosfet.lib (DUALNMOSFET-PAR): redraw, this time on-grid
7 years 3 months components/dualnmosfet.lib (DUALNMOSFET-PAR): parallel arrangement

By Joerg Reisenweber.
7 years 4 months components/74x2g07_6.lib (74X2G07_6): fix pin type of 2A (OC -> input)
7 years 4 months components/dualnmosfet.lib: FC6946010R, SSM6N7002BFE, DMN63D8LV, ...
7 years 4 months components/dualbjt.lib (DUALPNP): dual PNP BJT in 6-pin package
7 years 5 months components/74x1g04_6.lib: add single inverter; update HIERARCHY
7 years 5 months components/74x1g32_6.lib, 74x2g07_6.lib: add small version, rename large