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Source at commit a8b1dd05932828aab8465bd1e5d71e5f655460e0 created 3 years 22 days ago.
By Werner Almesberger, modules/qfn.fpd, HIERARCHY (QFN24-VGGD-8): "MO-220 variation VGGD-8", for XRA1201
blob .gitignore 7 years 2 months Xiangfu: add .gitignore 14 bytes
blob AUTHORS 3 years 2 months Werner Almesberger: modules/jtrace.fpd: "jumper trace" (short cuttable trace, compatible with R) 3.76 kB
blob Makefile 7 years 5 months Werner Almesberger: Makefile: also run make for components/, since we now have gencon.lib 42 bytes
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