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Source at commit d9727bbc358396f2224d310f300580ed05daa4fe created 6 years 11 months ago.
By Werner Almesberger, modules/qfn.fpd: NXP "HVQFN33" footprint (without the vias)
blob .gitignore 7 years 28 days Xiangfu: add .gitignore 14 bytes
blob AUTHORS 6 years 11 months Werner Almesberger: components/lpc1100-qfn33.lib: NXP LPC11xx series in HVQFN33 package 2.36 kB
blob Makefile 7 years 4 months Werner Almesberger: Makefile: also run make for components/, since we now have gencon.lib 42 bytes
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