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Source at commit e5970e73cbc50930422cd26d5f817540f67bda20 created 5 years 10 months ago.
By Werner Almesberger, modules/msl0104.fpd: Rohm MSL0104 RGB LED
blob dcm2desc 10 years 3 months Werner Almesberger: scripts/dcm2desc: script to convert comments from .dcm files to genex descriptions 779 bytes
blob missing-in-tree 8 years 7 months Werner Almesberger: scripts/missing-in-tree: new option "-x lib" to exclude libraries 1.74 kB
blob modules-pro 9 years 7 months Werner Almesberger: modules/: "make brd" opens pcbnew for footprint examination 675 bytes

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