This project is working to create a series of scripts that will:

  1. Help people to configure their Ben NanoNotes
  2. Provide a means to back-up/restore (good when flashing/re-flashing)
  3. Once stable merge scripts into then NanoNote frist boot scripts so the option to set-up or restore a back-up are automatic


  • ben-time-set - Script to set time,date,and timezone
    Mostly done, just need to opkg it and integrate into
    the firmware stream. More testing by others would be good first.
  • ben-restore - script to restore settings and data saved with ben-back
  • ben-back - script to back up data and settings on a NanoNote
  • ben-storage - script to set up extra storage and automounting of uSD at boot etc
  • ben-set-up - script to call the other scripts as needed handle auto config/restore on first boot
  • ben-security - Login script and display owner info so far. Hopefully file encryption/wde in the future.

Pie in the Sky parts:

  • ben-sync - A script to sync abook/calcurse/etc with PC or Cloud (Pie in the sky because syncing is a mess on any platform)
  • ben-media-burst - A script/cronjob to automatically convert media to NanoNote acceptable formats and sync the converted files over upon connect (this runs on the PC)

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Development Team
Warren Pattison

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