Ben-Time-Set - A script to make setting the time and timezone on the Ben Nanonote dead simple


ben-time-set was created to easy the setting/re-setting of the date and timezone on the Ben NanoNote. The current means of doing this as described in the wiki (see: ) are not friendly to the uninitiated user.


The ben-time-set script should be ready for prime time but more testing by other users is need first. If people could install and try out ben-time-set and give feedback and/or bug reports that would be great.

When I get enough feedback to know that the script is ready for prime time I'll figure out how to opkg it and/or merge it to the main firmware image.

To try out ben-time-set just copy the files to the appropriate directories on your Ben NanoNote. (the files live in subdirectories that indicate where they should go). Be sure to copy both:




then chmod u+x /usr/bin/

The script needs the timezones file to be able to build menus for setting the timezones. It if can not find the timezones file it will only offer the ability to change/set the time.

You'll need to manually create the /usr/share/ben-time-set directory. before saving the timezones file there.

Hopefully this will become the standard way of setting date/timezone on the ben and once it is in the firmware we can update the wiki to reflect it's presence.

Thanks Freemor

Created: 11 years 8 months ago
by Warren Pattison

Updated: 11 years 8 months ago
by Warren Pattison


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