Age Message
11 years 5 months gcc-mips: don't install libs already installed by system
11 years 5 months gmenu2x, update, new icons added in gmenu2x
11 years 5 months stardict dictionary, add English <-> Spanish
11 years 5 months update nanonote-files version
11 years 5 months create pango.modules when system first boot
11 years 5 months gnuplot: explicitely disable all unneeded features to fix build problems

autoconf detects stuff with config.full_system then build fails. wxterminal
needs some manual checking before we can enable it again.
11 years 5 months Revert "byobu, add /var/run/utmp"

the /var is symlink to /tmp/, must run touch /var/run/utmp
after system boot

This reverts commit a25d555818a3b7f25a35165671d575d580804474.
11 years 5 months gmenu2x, update
11 years 5 months byobu, add /var/run/utmp
11 years 5 months MPlayer: add missing dependencies
11 years 6 months NanoMap: install monav libs
11 years 6 months NanoMap: update to the latest git
11 years 6 months w3m: fix build with config.full_system
11 years 6 months supertux: fix some levels using salcon.mod instead of SALCON.MOD
11 years 6 months gforth: bump version number (this version already distributed via release?)
11 years 6 months plplot: disable detection of pango for now, since that can break compilation
11 years 6 months gforth: add missing libffi dependency
11 years 6 months increase the data partition size to 1480MB
11 years 6 months work around for gforth
11 years 6 months backgammon won't fail miserably on small terminals

Still need to launch via, because at least 57x24 term is
needed for correct playing. At least it won't segfault on smaller
11 years 6 months gmenu2x, offrss, nethack small fix, update
11 years 6 months update-F4-loading-kernel-from-ubifs_rootfs-bin-uImag
11 years 6 months supertux: update some images
11 years 6 months fbterm: install .fbtermrc (should fix long first start)
11 years 6 months gmenu2x: updated to the latest git