Age Message
11 years 11 months 4th: remove BROKEN
11 years 11 months nanonote-files: feeds.conf update to release_2011-05-28
11 years 11 months gmenu2x update
12 years 11 hours luit: Locale and ISO 2022 support for Unicode terminals
12 years 1 day gmenu2x: update to 20110527 commit
12 years 2 days plplot: fix compile problem on ubuntu 10.10 hosts (host's libm not found)
12 years 3 days climm: disable xmpp, make it compile
12 years 3 days nanonote-files: config.full_system: include new packages
12 years 4 days [nanonote-files] update version to 2011-05-22
12 years 4 days [nanonote-files] fix -d using correct path
12 years 7 days avrdude: remove BROKEN
12 years 8 days There is now a libncurses-dev package
Commit b9ee6f408797be212968af5f6aada9c08490aba9, by Neil Stockbridge
12 years 9 days libsdl-doc-man has been renamed to libsdl-dev and now includes header files
Commit 1460a79827fc59a16d3d9c9027d415b8ce9d07cb, by Neil Stockbridge
12 years 10 days nanonote-files: feeds.conf: disable useless feeds
12 years 10 days stardict enalbe man page search

the log show Man plug-in loaded, but can not get any result
12 years 10 days nanonote-files: config.full_system: disable libxfce4util
12 years 10 days The libsdl-doc-man Makefile is now more elegant
Commit 62d7bcdc2634fcdb530073c9e1f6bb9c2254336f, by Neil Stockbridge
12 years 10 days Merge branch 'master' of
Commit 5d8d83a932c0f5c482001ae67cc51be6be90c62c, by Neil Stockbridge
12 years 10 days There is now a ( very simple) man page viewer that supports MANPATH
Commit e15a7056c143b816d7cbd90358f26b0f66254995, by Neil Stockbridge
12 years 11 days nanonote-files: data: config.full_system: enable 'man' in busybox
12 years 11 days There is now a package for SDL API man pages
Commit aca02e10a786ffaa81e0b8e4edae16c1708a4fca, by Neil Stockbridge
12 years 13 days nanonote-files: data: files: add opkg.conf
12 years 13 days config.full_system: disable busybox's strings, enable binutils and

12 years 16 days emacs: make programming language comments colored by default
12 years 17 days update ffmpeg to a working git revision