Age Message
7 years 11 months nanonote-files without console option make /dev/console un-readable
8 years 2 days gmenu2x: update to latest commit
8 years 2 days tempest-for-eliza: include README in package
8 years 2 days nanonote-files: update version to 2.0
8 years 2 days : add clean bootloader env command, update version
8 years 2 days nanonote-files: mtd.nn change load kernel size
8 years 3 days nanonote-fiels: wpan add command config another ben
8 years 4 days nanonote-files: config.full_system don't compile atben
8 years 5 days nanonote-files: add an atben setup script file
8 years 9 days new package: bonnie: useful tool to determine the speed of your filesystem
8 years 10 days new package: libfixgl: an implementation of the OpenGL standard for realtime 3D graphics, based on fixed point arithmetic
8 years 10 days new package tinygl: @BROKEN depends on X11
8 years 10 days pygame: add description
8 years 11 days nanonote-files: config.full_system: include ben-wpan-doc
8 years 11 days ben-wpan: add INSTALL-Ben INSTALL-PC USAGE as a doc package
8 years 18 days config.full_system: add ben-wpan packages
8 years 19 days alex4: resolve recursive dependency alex4<->alex4-data
8 years 23 days new package: signalgen python version
8 years 23 days new package: signalgen(@BROKEN): generates relatively low frequency signals with the use of a PC sound card
8 years 23 days nanonote-files: fix the kernel.config path
8 years 24 days makfa: add makfa.dump to files. not generate every build
8 years 24 days nanonote-files: update feeds.conf for next release
8 years 25 days new pakcage: csound (BROKEN)
8 years 26 days config.full_system: sort all sections
8 years 26 days config.full_system: add recently new packages