Age Message
8 years 4 months nanonote: config.full_system, update uboot-envtools add CONFIG_PACKAGE_uboot-envtools_setenv_symlink
8 years 4 months nanonote-files: compile script file: collect all failed package in minial build
8 years 4 months remove other u-boot include SDK and toolchain
8 years 4 months use kanoi repo. include the api changed
8 years 4 months kbd: update to 1.15.3
8 years 4 months cgminer: add include miner.php for web access cgminer
8 years 4 months stardict: disable the dictionary depends on stardict
8 years 4 months 4th tig byobu calcurse gawk remind taskwarrior: merged in upstream
8 years 4 months nanonote-files: ignore build when there is no new commit
8 years 4 months nanonote-files: config.full_system add kmod-lib-crc-ccitt
8 years 4 months nanonote-files: config.minimal: add CONFIG_ALL for build script file
8 years 5 months milkyist-files: add uci config files for 703n
8 years 5 months The classic Dope Wars game. It needs to use the ash(default) terminal to fit

the screen). It is GPL-licensed.
Commit 61ec12813152a387ebbbff425c191e84febeac9f, by Jiri Brozovsky
8 years 5 months gtypist: ignore line too long
8 years 5 months bard: udpate to 0.7
8 years 5 months flite: update to 1.5.5
8 years 5 months fix English grammar error
8 years 5 months ks7010: fix compile failed under linux v3.2.1
8 years 5 months nanonote wav2png: draw lines instead points thanks jirka
8 years 5 months code style cleanup
8 years 5 months only zip the files when successful
8 years 5 months don't copy failed build to IMAGES_URL
8 years 5 months nanonote-files: add wav2png simple script file
8 years 5 months icarus-miner: remove outdata package
8 years 5 months cgminer: most patches merged to upstream