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By Xiangfu Liu, new package: SDL-widgets: a GUI toolkit on top of the SDL libraries
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tree ase
tree avrdude
tree ben-cyrillic
tree ben-wpan
tree binkd
tree brainless
tree bsd-games
tree bwbasic
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tree calcurse
tree catdoc
tree centerim
tree centerim5
tree climm
tree crashmail
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tree ctronome
tree curveship
tree cxxtools
tree dega
tree dfbmp
tree dfbsee
tree dgclock
tree emacs-ja-dic-m
tree emacs
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tree fbida
tree fbsize
tree fbterm
tree flite
tree fmit
tree freedroid
tree frotz
tree fusion
tree games
tree gawk
tree gcal
tree gcc-mips
tree gforth
tree gimmix
tree gjay
tree gmenu2x
tree gmu
tree gnome-mime-data
tree gnuchess
tree gnugo
tree gnuplot-gfx
tree golded
tree gottet
tree gpgme
tree gs
tree gtkguitune
tree gtypist
tree guile
tree hnb
tree husky
tree ibrcommon
tree ibrdtn-tools
tree ibrdtn
tree ibrdtnd
tree ikog
tree imgv
tree jbig2dec
tree jbofihe
tree jdkdrum
tree jfbterm
tree joe-full
tree kbd
tree kexecboot
tree keymouse
tree kinyin
tree ks7010
tree liballegro-digmid
tree liballegro
tree libassuan
tree libcss
tree libdumb
tree libexosip2
tree libgc
tree libggi
tree libgii
tree libgnome-vfs
tree libhubbub
tree libjack
tree libmpc
tree libmpdclient
tree libmrss
tree libncurses-dev
tree libnl-1
tree libnsfb
tree libnxml
tree libparserutils
tree libphysfs
tree libsdl-dev
tree libsdl-gfx
tree libsdl-image
tree libsdl-ttf
tree libsdl-widgets
tree libtcod
tree libtheora
tree libunistring
tree libwapcaplet
tree lingot
tree links
tree lojban-wordlists
tree lowpan-tools
tree luit
tree lynx
tree makfa
tree man-tiny
tree mandoc
tree mathomatic
tree mc
tree mcabber
tree mediatomb
tree milkymist-files
tree mlterm
tree mpfr
tree mpg123
tree mplayer
tree mplayer_jz47xx
tree mupdf
tree myserver
tree nanonote-files
tree nanoterm
tree ncmpc
tree ne
tree nethack
tree netsurf
tree nightsky
tree nlove
tree nupdf
tree o3read
tree octave
tree odt2txt
tree offlineimap
tree offrss
tree openjpeg
tree pem
tree picoc
tree pidgin
tree plplot
tree plucker
tree pmars
tree poke
tree pyclock
tree pygame
tree pyneod
tree python-pyneo
tree qball
tree qemu-host
tree qstardict
tree quickcalc
tree remind
tree robots
tree sarien
tree sc
tree scim-pinyin
tree scim
tree scummvm
tree sdcv
tree setfont2
tree smalltalk
tree snownews
tree sparsehash
tree stardict
tree supertux
tree surfraw
tree svgalib
tree swig
tree tempest-for-eliza
tree terminus-font
tree tic-tac-toe
tree tig
tree timidity++
tree tntnet
tree tunec
tree txt2tags
tree unifont
tree units
tree vido
tree vitetris
tree w3m
tree wordgrinder
tree wqy
tree wtime
tree xz
tree yacas
tree zgv
tree zhcon
tree zimlib
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