Age Message
3 years 10 months uboot-xburst: nanonote: using 0xFF fill the bin file
3 years 10 months base-files, move it to openwrt-package/nanonote-files

or it will overwrite by opkg package
3 years 10 months linux-kernel (master): add CONFIG_PROC_PAGE_MONITOR=y for cleaner DMA support
4 years 21 days config.full_system: more busybox options
4 years 21 days config.full_system: busybox enhancements

Enable some advanced features of busybox, disable features already provided by external packages.
4 years 22 days update opkg.conf, don't using /tmp keep packages information

the /var is symlink to /tmp. which /tmp is always lose when reboot
4 years 22 days config.full_system: add openssh-sftp-server
4 years 24 days add sound options to default config, so that it won't popup
4 years 27 days, new option b k r, reboot device after reflash
4 years 1 month have sound modules built in kernel

thanks to Lars for useful hints!
4 years 1 month [xburst] Improve mounttime.

This patchset optimizes nand read access and reduces the ubi attach time by ~2/3
Credits go to dvdk for having the idea.
4 years 1 month [xburst] jz_mmc: Drop warning about spares irqs.
4 years 1 month [package] ks7010: Remove debug printks
4 years 1 month config.full_system: include GNU tar

the tar of busybox is way too cut off
4 years 1 month config.full_system: add setterm
4 years 1 month remove custum banner, focus on 100% upstream,

every little bit of diff from upstream needs to be battled down
4 years 1 month add zgv, MPlayer, brainless
4 years 1 month config.full_system: fix name of gnuplot package (was renamed a long time ago)
4 years 1 month don't include ghostscript and fbgs into rootfs, build as modules
4 years 1 month config.full_system: remove "=m" packages

since they are built with CONFIG_ALL anyway
4 years 1 month config.full_system: build gcc-mips, make, binutils as modules. Remove

libbfd as nonexistant
4 years 1 month config.full_system: add supertux, terminus-font
4 years 1 month disable CONFIG_ALL, add Tile and gottet
4 years 1 month Restore sdio fix for the spectec wlan card
4 years 1 month uboot-xburst, add ubifs support