Age Message
7 years 11 months config.full_system: add setterm
7 years 11 months remove custum banner, focus on 100% upstream,

every little bit of diff from upstream needs to be battled down
7 years 11 months add zgv, MPlayer, brainless
7 years 11 months config.full_system: fix name of gnuplot package (was renamed a long time ago)
8 years 3 days don't include ghostscript and fbgs into rootfs, build as modules
8 years 4 days config.full_system: remove "=m" packages

since they are built with CONFIG_ALL anyway
8 years 4 days config.full_system: build gcc-mips, make, binutils as modules. Remove

libbfd as nonexistant
8 years 4 days config.full_system: add supertux, terminus-font
8 years 4 days disable CONFIG_ALL, add Tile and gottet
8 years 6 days Restore sdio fix for the spectec wlan card
8 years 7 days uboot-xburst, add ubifs support
8 years 7 days config.full_system disable some demo and examples
8 years 7 days update package revision to 25513, xfce: using
8 years 10 days update feeds.conf revision for recently NLS update
8 years 13 days u-boot add-more-boot-option
8 years 13 days config.full_system add nanonote script files package
8 years 13 days move those files to nanonote-files package
8 years 13 days config.debug/minimal enable rootfs tar.gz
8 years 13 days enable CONFIG_BUILD_NLS and full versions of iconv/gettext
8 years 21 days make libgfortran depend on @INSTALL_GFORTRAN toolchain option
8 years 26 days mplayer: use "tremor" as default audio codec
8 years 26 days config.full_system, remove build uboot for avt2 n516 sakc
8 years 28 days merge all_package and full_system to one
8 years 29 days config.full_system include plplot-demo
8 years 29 days feeds.conf update packages revision to 25034