Age Message
7 years 6 months fix the rtc bug

more info:
7 years 10 months this commit break the ks7010 driver.

for more information please read
"SDIO single IRQ optimization breaks libertas" linux-mmc mailing list

we should fix this in ks7010 driver. commit this revert first. fix later
7 years 10 months nanonote: select the nanonote slash screen
7 years 10 months nanonote: add nanonote slash screen
7 years 10 months uboot-xburst: change load kernel size
7 years 10 months xburst qi_lb60 disable WPAN kernel options
7 years 10 months WPAN: disable AutoLoad on at86rf230, spi_atben.

at86rf230 can not auto unbind ben mmc driver
7 years 10 months add WPAN(atben,atusb) kernel module file

thansk blogic #qi-hardware
7 years 10 months xburst: ben nanonote: first add WPAN(atben,atusb) driver

take from qi-kernel.git thanks to Werner
7 years 11 months xburst: update config-3.0
7 years 11 months nanonote: base-files: add hostname
7 years 11 months kernel-3.0: add fbcon color fonts patch
8 years 30 days ben nanonote: forward patches to linux-3.0
8 years 28 days uboot silent console
8 years 15 days uboot-xburst: enable-silent-console.patch
8 years 1 month busybox: backport reverse history search patch

8 years 3 months uboot-xburst: update to 2010.06

uboot-xburst: don't install empty dir
8 years 3 months Disable syslogd and klogd
8 years 4 months base-files, move it to openwrt-package/nanonote-files

or it will overwrite by opkg package
8 years 4 months trunk: add ks7010 support patch
8 years 4 months trunk: build sound modules in kernel
8 years 4 months trunk: fix kernel keymap for VolUp/Down and Del
8 years 4 months config-2.6.37: enable options needed for keymouse
8 years 4 months linux kernel: add CONFIG_PROC_PAGE_MONITOR=y to allow for clean user-space DMA
8 years 4 months patches-2.6.37: support for Ben NAND partitioning