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Source at commit 5bdb3e2cb76a8b68f51dd09c7e0c56d517945dac created 9 years 6 months ago.
By kaloz, [cns3xxx]: preliminary 3.0 support
blob .gitignore 9 years 8 months jow: [backfire] merge r24238 & r26785 175 bytes
blob BSDmakefile 13 years 10 months nbd: add missing copyright header 179 bytes
blob 9 years 10 months nbd: add a kernel config option for magic sysrq 12.35 kB
blob LICENSE 15 years 5 months wbx: add license file 17.99 kB
blob Makefile 10 years 4 months nbd: add a command for printing a cleaned up make target database - will be used to analyze package dependencies at some point 2.97 kB
blob README 10 years 10 months nico: remove bison requirement (see [10398] & [14900]) 912 bytes
tree docs
blob feeds.conf.default 10 years 2 months jow: [feeds] switch to LuCI trunk, should be stable enough for common use now 512 bytes
tree include
tree package
blob 9 years 9 months jow: [buildroot] properly populate $(LIBGCC_S) for external toolchains 8.69 kB
tree scripts
tree target
tree toolchain
tree tools

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