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Source at commit 5bdb3e2cb76a8b68f51dd09c7e0c56d517945dac created 9 years 2 months ago.
By kaloz, [cns3xxx]: preliminary 3.0 support
blob 11 years 5 months nbd: get rid of $Id$ - it has never helped us and it has broken too many patches ;) 330 bytes
blob 10 years 5 months nico: target/ixp4xx: fix image building after r20834 (closes: #7157) 1.82 kB
blob 11 years 7 months florian: [brcm63xx] generate images for old CFE based boards like the Davolink DV201 3.84 kB
blob 10 years 8 months nbd: scripts/ remove the use of mktemp to make it more portable 1.02 kB
blob config.guess 10 years 2 months kaloz: upgrade the config.* scripts 44.97 kB
blob config.rpath 9 years 6 months jow: [backfire] merge r25753 18.34 kB
blob config.sub 10 years 2 months kaloz: upgrade the config.* scripts 34.90 kB
tree config
blob 9 years 9 months mb: deptest: Also accept stamps that are broken links. 5.54 kB
blob 9 years 5 months nbd: scripts/ handle CONFIG_ALL, CONFIG_DEVEL and CONFIG_TOOLCHAINOPTS properly (backport of r26349) 660 bytes
blob 10 years 2 days mb: dl_cleanup: Add support for GIT-SHASUM 5.87 kB
blob 9 years 7 months jow: [scripts] adjust kernel download urls for longterm and testing releases 5.50 kB
blob env 9 years 5 months blogic: [scripts/env] 4.60 kB
blob feeds 9 years 3 months jow: [PATCH] Add support for git-svn package feeds 13.77 kB
tree flashing
blob 10 years 11 months nico: [scripts] getver: don't use "-r COMMITTED" arg which needs network access to the repository, use the "Last Changed Rev:" line instead 686 bytes
blob ipkg 10 years 6 months jow: [scripts] ipkg: 28.32 kB
blob 9 years 6 months jow: [PATCH 1/2] Never write errors to stdout from 666 bytes
blob 9 years 5 months nbd: scripts/ backport changes from trunk 3.67 kB
blob 13 years 11 months nbd: more portability fixes and a prereq check for gnu tar 747 bytes
blob md5sum 11 years 7 months nbd: improve support for building on mac os x by improving detection of missing components 25 bytes
blob 9 years 2 months jow: [scripts] fix handling of multiple conditional depends that reference the same package (exposed by previous hotplug2 changes), also kill duplicate dependency specs while we're at it 20.13 kB
blob 9 years 5 months nbd: add a new package metadata variable MDEPENDS for specifying local menuconfig dependencies that do not propagate to other packages 4.48 kB
blob pad_image 10 years 6 months florian: [rdc] rework board detection 2.44 kB
blob 9 years 11 months jow: [scripts] utilize --force (#7745), also use the PATCH env var and fallback to "patch" if unset 1.39 kB
blob 9 years 6 months nbd: base-files: relink uclibc and libgcc libraries to remove leftovers of the statically linked initial libgcc 403 bytes
blob remote-gdb 9 years 4 months hcg: Correct libc path 1.61 kB
blob 11 years 5 months nico: add a workaround to rstrip restoring exec perms when they got changed by sstrip 1.12 kB
blob 11 years 11 months nbd: use #!/usr/bin/env perl instead of #!/usr/bin/perl in openwrt scripts (fixes #2998) 41.50 kB
blob 10 years 9 months nbd: add a simple script for symlinking one tree into another for doing builds with separate build dirs, but the same source dir 695 bytes
blob 10 years 5 months nbd: fix timestamp checks for build system paths which have '.svn' in their directory name 1.37 kB
blob update-package-md5sum 10 years 8 months lars: [scripts] update-package-md5sum: A tool to update the md5sum of openwrt packages. 1.19 kB

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