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Source at commit 646a755372317d681048948ae6792bdb7b82249c created 9 years 7 months ago.
By Xiangfu Liu, disable CONFIG_ALL, add Tile and gottet
blob Makefile 12 years 1 month nbd: rework parallel building to get rid of some warnings and add back support for parallelizing the kernel build fixes #3882 365 bytes
tree adm5120
tree ar7
tree ar71xx
tree atheros
tree au1000
tree avr32
tree brcm-2.4
tree brcm47xx
tree brcm63xx
tree cobalt
tree generic-2.4
tree generic-2.6
tree ifxmips
tree ixp4xx
tree kirkwood
tree octeon
tree orion
tree ppc40x
tree ppc44x
tree rb532
tree rdc
tree uml
tree x86
tree xburst

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