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blob 8 years 9 months jow: [include] link config.rpath before running autoreconf, also touch ABOUT-NLS - needed by minidlna CVS version 4.63 kB
blob 1.94 kB
blob 9 years 4 months nbd: build: undefine debug helper templates used by if the DEBUG variable is empty, speeds up "make prereq" by 25% when lots of packages are installed 843 bytes
blob 9 years 8 months nbd: change the recursive dependency template to use more make evaluation - the shell command got so long that it triggered "Argument list too long" on some systems (#8231) 1.24 kB
blob 9 years 4 months nbd: add support for md5sum checks for mirrored tarballs of packages with version control source urls 5.13 kB
blob 9 years 6 months nbd: add a missing wrapper for the refresh target for host builds 5.47 kB
blob 9 years 9 months jow: [include] introduce PATCH which refers to either gpatch or patch 1.97 kB
blob 8 years 10 months jow: [include] pass through $(CONFIG_PKG_BUILD_JOBS) to the mksquashfs -processors option 5.52 kB
blob 8 years 10 months jow: [include] there is no tarball when using CONFIG_KERNEL_GIT_CLONE_URI or CONFIG_EXTERNAL_KERNEL_TREE, do not make the prepared stamp file depend on it in this case 3.46 kB
blob 5.13 kB
blob 1.52 kB
blob 8 years 10 months jow: [include] also do not download Linux if CONFIG_KERNEL_GIT_CLONE_URI is set 5.84 kB
blob 9 years 2 months nbd: remove a few obsolete CompareKernelPatchVer calls 17.34 kB
blob 9 years 6 months jow: [backfire] merge r25302 - this is needed for upcoming changes in the packages feed 1.04 kB
blob 10 years 2 months nbd: only build bin packages for the selected build variants (same behaviour as with ipkg builds) 780 bytes
blob 3.36 kB
blob 2.01 kB
blob 9 years 4 months nbd: build: move the SH_FUNC eval to the beginning of the opkg control file build command chain, not in front of every single command 4.97 kB
blob 10 years 3 months nico: replace old quote stripping with calls to qstrip macro 2.83 kB
blob 8 years 9 months nbd: fix a small logic error in package download 8.34 kB
blob 9 years 5 months florian: add git (git-core) as a prerequisite (#8866) 3.28 kB
blob 12 years 10 months nbd: some minor fixes, cleanups, package build abstraction 1.14 kB
blob 9 years 3 months jow: [include] silence error when package has no patches (patchwork 321) 5.20 kB
blob 9 years 3 months nbd: build: log package dump failures to logs to avoid forcing user to write cryptic commands to figure out what's going on 2.65 kB
blob 11 years 11 months nbd: clean up md5s() shell function 529 bytes
tree site
blob 9 years 2 months nbd: remove legacy package/foo-compile wrapper targets, people should be used to the correct target names by now 3.40 kB
blob 8.15 kB
blob 9 years 10 months mb: optionally support parallel toolchain build. This defaults to off, because certain toolchain versions are known to break on parallel build. However, it significantly speeds up the build and latest versions of the tools do compile fine. 466 bytes
blob 9 years 3 months nbd: prepare .config before testing for missing options 5.20 kB
blob 9 years 11 months nbd: speed up the build system by including include/ on shell commands only where necessary 2.35 kB
blob 10 years 5 months lars: Allow colored output to be disabled when running a non-verbose build by 1.24 kB

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