File Age Message Size
blob firstboot 10 years 4 months florian: change from /jffs to /overlay, patch from Daniel Dickinson 629 bytes
blob hotplug-call 10 years 4 months acinonyx: [package] base-files: Use hotplug2 to download firmware 317 bytes
blob ifdown 10 years 2 months jow: [package] base-files: 1.32 kB
blob ifup 11 years 8 months nbd: fix ifup (no longer use the to-be-reverted state of the previous config) 435 bytes
blob 11 years 11 months thepeople: make option name optional 500 bytes
blob mount_root 10 years 3 months nbd: fix jffs2 and mini_fo mount in failsafe (patch from #7134) 517 bytes
blob sysupgrade 9 years 10 months jow: [backfire] merge r23256, r23257 and r23258 2.64 kB
blob wifi 10 years 6 months nbd: /sbin/wifi: improve reliability of restarts by resetting the state properly 3.54 kB

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